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About Us

Whether you are looking to bake that perfect soufflé, or you simply want to become better in the kitchen, The Smart Baker was created for bakers. We want to help bakers from beginning to advanced to be smarter in the kitchen.

Our very first product, the upside down measurement conversion baking apron, or the cheat sheet apron for short, received the great honor of being featured in the Food Network Magazine in 2009. The Cheat Sheet apron was named as one of the top 10 kitchen must haves.

We’ve all seen videos or photos of “baking fails”, so here at The Smart Baker, each of our tools have been tried and tested by baking professionals and those who simply like to bake. Backed by the success of our bakers, we are sure that each of our tools will help you create a stunning piece of baked goods or the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

What we offer:

APRONS: The Smart Baker aprons are high quality aprons that can be worn by any baker! We carry our award-winning cheat sheet apron, which makes measuring anything a breeze. We also carry fashionable aprons, so you don’t have to abandon your style when whipping up baked goods.

PRE-CUT PARCHMENT PAPER: Nothing is more frustrating when you have slaved over a recipe for hours—shopping for the perfect ingredients and measuring the exact portions—than when you pull your treat out of the oven and it remains stuck to the pan. Even if you faithfully buttered, sprayed, and greased everything, sometimes baked goods stick! This is where The Smart Baker can help. We have a variety of products that will ensure that your baked goods won’t stick to the pans.

CUPCAKE STANDS: Whether you want to display cupcakes for a party or an event, our high-quality cupcake towers will help make sure your cupcakes are seen by everyone! Browse our selection of cupcake stands today—you can also create your own tower!

CAKE POP STANDS: As one of the most popular desserts, cake pops are quickly becoming a staple for any baker. Our cake pop stands will help display your beautifully create cake pops. They will also ensure that your cake pops do not get damaged during transportation or display.

Armed with all of the tools from The Smart Baker, you are sure to become the best baker in the block! haves. Learn More

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Secure Payments offered by PayPal