Pattern Waffle Conversion Towel - Black/White

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Perfect for you or as a gift for the special baker in your life. The perfect companion piece to your Cheat Sheet apron, or a great gift on its own!

Measurements: 18in x 28in

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Pattern: Patterned Waffle

Chart Printing: White


Our new Kitchen Towel with Conversion Chart features easy-to-read measurement conversions for a quick reference while you’re busy in the kitchen. This means you’ll no longer have to interrupt your baking to calculate conversions! This kitchen towel helps you quickly convert cups to ounces to tablespoons to teaspoons. All you need to do is look at your kitchen towel and you have this information at your fingertips.

The handy conversion chart is cleverly printed on the corner of the towel, so that when it is folded, you can easily read the information. So, either hang it on the oven door for easy reading, or read it while you’re using it to clean up messes! 

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