BBQ Master Apron - Fist

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*All grilling times are approximate and may vary based on the temperature of the grill and the cooking method (direct or indirect.

Machine Washable

7.5 oz. 65% polyester/35% cotton twill

Adjustable straps

Two front pockets. Extra-long ties

Overall Apron Size: 20" x 30"


Trying to find the perfect gift for that person that has everything? You can stop your search because they don't have one of these! Our exclusive BBQ Master Aprons feature an upside down chart that includes the perfect grilling times and temperatures for your favorite foods for the grill. These aprons can take anyone from a BBQ amateur to a BBQ Master.

The chart includes grilling times and temperatures for everything from Burgers and Steaks, to Pork Chops and Chicken Breasts. With it's upside down chart, a quick glance down will ensure you properly cook everyone's order to the perfection

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Manufacturer Part Number: BBQApronFist