Smart Rolling Pin-15"

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This isn't just any ordinary wood rolling pin. These handmade, one-of-a-kind rolling pins have a unique feature. Each rolling pin is made up of fifteen 1" sections with alternating grains that allow you to easily measure whatever you may be rolling. 
All of these unique rolling pins are made from reclaimed hardwoods which vary from pin to pin and are coated in food safe Tung Oil for durability.
Length = 15"
Diameter = 1 1/2" - 1 3/4"
Section Width = 1"
Made exclusively for The Smart Baker, LLC by Berkshire Bowls, a Pennsylvania company.


Use and Care:

Natural wood items should never be used in a microwave or placed in a dishwasher.  They should also not be exposed to excessive heat.  To clean your item, use a lightly damp sponge or cloth with warm water to gently clean the surface of your piece.  Wipe the piece dry  after cleaning.  A small amount of soap may be used, but, on a regular basis, we suggest using only water.

If you notice the finish on your piece wearing off, you can treat the item with a good quality edible oil such as olive, 100% pure tung or walnut oil. Walnut oil may be found in health food stores, typically as a salad oil.  Apply oil onto the surface where the wood begins to look dry. You can rub in two or three coats of 100% pure bees wax on the surface to provide a more attractive sheen.

Typically you should not have to apply oils to your piece, only through heavy use or damage to the surface from utensils or other items should the item require attention. To preserve the wood and keep its beauty, you should avoid products containing alcohol, chemicals or abrasives as they may will dry out the wood or damage the finish.

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