Cuplette Ice Cream Sundae Party - Edible Ice Cream Bowls!

In our family, ice cream sundaes are not just for the kids. Everyone, adults included, makes ice cream sundaes topped with all kinds of goodies at our family gatherings. As the designated bakers, we are usually in charge of supplying the "base" for these sundaes. With a warm brownie or blondie underneath, no one is too old to enjoy an ice cream sundae. We always try to have lots of options so everyone can custom make their own sundae depending on their tastes. I am a chocolate lover, but my husband is a vanilla-fanatic. We also have peanut butter afficianados, cookies and cream enthusiasts, and caramel fans. 

Recently, we decided to try something new and invited everyone over for a Cuplette Ice Cream Sundae party. Cuplettes allow you to easily create a perfectly formed well in the center of whatever you're baking - perfect for filling with ice cream. So we whipped up some brownie batter and some blondie batter using our favorite recipes, and made both grown-up and kid sized edible ice cream bowls using our cuplette pans. 

We made brownie and blondie batter from scratch, but this would be even easier with box mix. You'd have a Ice Cream Sundae bar in no time!

All you need to do is spray the Cuplette pans with a little non-stick spray. Then just fill halfway with batter and snap the insert to the pan before popping in the oven to bake. 


Here was our spread! We served the edible ice cream bowls with sprinkles, crumb topping, marshmallows, chopped candy bars, peanut butter filled chocolate chips, cookie crumbs, chocolate pretzel hard shell, sea salt caramel sauce and of course whipped cream. Everyone was able to make their own unique creation. 

These were SUCH a hit. Having the brownie and blondie bowls made serving a breeze. The kids loved that they each got their very own ice cream bowl (OK, adults may have loved that, too). It was pretty outrageous. This would be the perfect ending to a pool party or summer bbq! I had a lot of fun using the Cuplettes and look forward to experimenting with them more in the future. I already have so many more ideas for how to use them... not just desserts, but savory dishes too! To get yourself a set of Cuplette Pans click here for original size and here for deluxe.  Happy baking, Smart Bakers!