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Ice Creams Around the World

Originally posted on: Creams Around the WorldFew things are as popular across the world as ice cream. After being a luxury only the wealthiest in society could enjoy, the chilly treat is now available to each and everyone in all shapes an
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Chocolate Chip and Pistachio Cannolis

During my time studying abroad in Italy, in between our visits to world famous museums and breathtaking cathedrals, we took several cooking classes. (I may be bragging a little bit... but talk about checking off bucket list items!) In those classes, we learned to make many traditional Italian dishes
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Cuplette Ice Cream Sundae Party - Edible Ice Cream Bowls!

In our family, ice cream sundaes are not just for the kids. Everyone, adults included, makes ice cream sundaes topped with all kinds of goodies at our family gatherings. As the designated bakers, we are usually in charge of supplying the "base" for these sundaes. With a warm brownie or blondie under
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